Okay, I know everyone has something to say about the movie rendition of "Les Miserables" but I want to add my take on it.

For my birthday the other day my wife took me (along with her family) to see the movie.

I loved the new approach to a musical, having the actors sing their parts lending all the emotion of the part to the song and recording it live as they perform - then going back and adding the
music later. I think it made the performance and the music much more powerful
than it would have otherwise been.
I think Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman were AMAZING! If it were me they'd both get the Oscars for best actress and actor for their portrayals of Fantine and Jean Valjean respectively. And Anne's voice was positively haunting and her acting during that scene was punch-in-the-gut Amazing!!. I was rattled by it, dreampt about it, thought about it all the next day. As for Hugh he was excellent in the role. I felt the pain and the misery of his life and situation. His acting was also phenomenal!! He made the life of Jean Valjean real for me. I felt for the poor guy.
Like many others, I wasn't particularly awed by Russell Crowe's singing voice, but I thought his portrayal of Javert was nevertheless excellent.

It can't be over-stated how extremely talented the supporting cast was. Of course  Sacha Baron Cohen and Helena Bonham Carter were deliciously evil and wonderful in their parts. But I was really drawn to the two impressive young actors: Isabelle Allen who played the young Cosette, and Daniel Huttlestone who played the part of Gavroche. What talented kids! Great singing voices and excellent acting jobs on both their parts!

Amanda Seyfried (Cosette) has proven her acting chops in other performances, and to be a singer as well ("Mama Mia!"). But she and Eddie Redmayne, who played Marius, were terrific as well. I was particularly impressed with their singing voices and their blend, along with Samantha Barks (who played the part of Éponine) What a great cast and great performances by everyone.
I want to also add a special kudo to Colm Wilkinson who played the part of the Bishop. I understand he played the part of Jean Valjean on the stage in the 80's. He also had an incredible voice and did a terrific job in his part.

Overall: WHAT A GREAT SHOW!!  I kept thinking to myself that Wolverine was a very good actor and then my brother shared this with me. I laughed my head off!!


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