My wife, daughter, Genevieve, and I were  talking about Bewitched this evening. Genevieve really like the  "Crissy" character. We talked about how she plays such a pivotal role in the  story and is made even more interesting by the fact that she is mentally  handicapped. I originally wanted her to have Down's syndrome because of the  innocent quality of these kids. I had one at a school I was teaching at come up  to me one day and put her arms around me and just hug me. It was an amazing  experience. I think that all these kids offer us hidden things we don't quite  get as "regular" intelligence people. They really do have a magical quality that  is hard to quantify, but it's there nevertheless.

In any case,  I also told Genevieve that there is something more to Crissy that will come out  in later books. If you look at Bewitched carefully you'll notice some  things about Crissy that go beyond her regular "Oracle" abilities. That's all I'm  going to say at this point.


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